19 October 2012

Cabin Fever

I may have mentioned before that I spend a lot of time in my apartment. Often there's just no where else to go. I have been especially apartment bound this month as our last paycheck was only 60% of our regular one due to our having the entire month of August blissfully school free. The price to pay for the good times I suppose. On occasion I have to leave and go for a walk just so I can temporarily escape my little 20ft squared box. (This is an estimate as I unfortunately have no concept of space. Or size, quantity, distance or almost anything to do with numbers or volume for that matter. I'm mathematically challenged). I walk to the top of the hill behind my house where I can view Hiroshima Bay and the Seto Inland Sea or down to the ¥100 store to buy cheap, adorable items I don't need or laugh at the poor English on the stationary. If I stay in my apartment too long I get cabin fever.

Which always makes me think of this song. Wouldn't life be
more interesting as a Muppet? Like a colourful musical on hallucinogenics
But like I said, often there's just nowhere else to go. So what do I do to relieve the boredom when I am lounging around my apartment in my recently acquired, and super comfortable, lounge pants? Fellow bored individuals take note:
1) I nap. Never underestimate the power of a good nap. Today I nap-dreamed I was on a company retreat where I and the cast from 30 Rock were being trained in the use of sniper rifles. I was hiding behind a wire fence sighting my scope (Is this gun terminology? I googled sniper terminology and got no answers, seriously) on Liz Lemon. She was hiding behind a tire wall.
2) I watch 30 Rock. A lot. Which probably explains said odd dream. It is hilarious. Watch it immediately. IMMEDIATELY!
3) I read from my amazing Kindle. Anyone out there travelling you have got to get one of these things they are so freakin' awesome. I have reverted to my 12 year old self and covered mine in an assortment of stickers. Currently loving Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. I read all 12 in a month and now I must wait one whole month for the newest to be released. This displeases me mightily.
4) I play Pokemon on playr.org. (Maybe I didn't revert to being a 12 year maybe I never actually matured past that age...) You can play all sorts of GameBoy games for free including several versions of Pokemon and some Zelda games. Awesome.
5) I browse the internet. Here are some of my top picks: Entertainment.ie: their gossip section is very cleverly written, Cyanide and Happiness: a hilariously un-p.c. webcomic, Red Lemonade: a blog about anything and everything this lady has written a laugh out loud send up of those terrible 50 Shades books, Clients From Hell: designers' stories about dealing with nightmare clients, Did You Know: a Tumblr blog that finds interesting and wierd facts, The Awesomer: awesome stuff.
And of course sometimes I try to do things of value like learn Japanese, make some origami, or prepare for my upcoming classes. But these are not nearly as fun.
Now you are armed with these useless pieces of knowledge you are able to be as lazy and unproductive as I am. Go forth into the world and vegetate good people of the internet!


  1. You make me laugh LOL. Love it.

    By the way, what is Kindle?

    1. This is a Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Ink-Display-Wi-Fi-Includes/dp/B007HCCNJU/ref=sr_tr_sr_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1350899331&sr=8-5&keywords=kindle They are the business!


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