04 March 2017


Hello, blog my old friend. It is I, your maker, come back from the dead to once more tread your halls before no doubt disappearing again for another few months amid whispered promises of updating you more often that I have no intention of keeping. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way let me tell you about Honest Ed's.

09 January 2017

Dog sledding and snow tubing

Look at those gorgeous eyes!
As part of my journey into becoming a full blown Canadian (I can now cry maple syrup on command and I apologise for everything so I'm half way there) I set out on a very Canadian adventure on Saturday to go dog sledding and snow tubing. The whole trip was organised by the group Travelling Chicken and for anyone visiting Ontario and looking to do some adventurous activities I would highly recommend them. T'was they that brought me to Algonquin that time I saw the moose and baby mooseling. They took us to Sugardogs Adventure in Sunridge to go dog sledding and then to Snow Valley to do some snow tubing and the whole day was brilliant craic from start to finish.

Prepare to be bombarded with dog pictures.

22 October 2016


I recently went to Niagara to watch a lot of water fall down. Look at it there. Pouring over the side of that cliff. Many water. Much fall. Wow.

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