04 March 2017


Hello, blog my old friend. It is I, your maker, come back from the dead to once more tread your halls before no doubt disappearing again for another few months amid whispered promises of updating you more often that I have no intention of keeping. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way let me tell you about Honest Ed's.

Honest Ed's was a landmark department store here in Toronto. A bizarre, multi level maze of a place that sold just about everything you could think of at low low prices. It very sadly closed at the end of 2016 to make way for some condos which Toronto is in desperate need of (sarcasm alert). This shop was iconic, and even featured in movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight and the absolute travesty that was Scott Pilgrim vs The World, so it was quite sad to see it close. It's where I bought my treasured frying pan when first I arrived.

In true Toronto style it was invaded by artists so they could create an awesome send off by turning it into a maze (quite cleverly dubbed aMAZEment) bedecked in art and installations and all sorts of whimsical whimsy. Myself and two workplace proximity associates went along of a Friday to check it out and partake of the craft beer that was being sold on various floors. Too much craft beer. There were casualties that night: my dignity and my camera. RIP camera. I did manage to make a video though before it died. Apologies for the shakiness, see before mentioned over indulgence of beer for explanation.

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