13 February 2013

An Announcement

So my contract is coming to an end and I made the incredibly difficult decision not to renew it. I absolutely adore Japan with all my heart but for reasons too varied and personal to get into on the internet I felt it was time to move on for the time being. I strongly feel that I will return to this beautiful land some day in the future although in what capacity I don't know. Perhaps I will simply come back as a smug tourist with a superior air annoying fellow travellers with my repetitions of "I lived here for a year ya know..." or maybe I'll return incognito to activate my covertly programmed army of elementary school children that will awaken in an adorable, murderous rage to a codeword that only I know. Then I will instigate my plans to take over Japan from the inside and crown myself Empress-for-life demanding free sushi wherever I go. I mean it could go either way really...

Come mid-April I will be packing my crap and high-tailing it to New Zealand; land of the hobbits, to continue my adventures and nonsensical ramblings there for a time. I'm looking forward to the next part of my travels but in the mean time crying on the inside (and the outside, I'm a totally emotional sap) for the rapidly approaching day that I have to go.

Goodbye letters from students: things that made me cry on the outside

I have had some seriously amazing times here, met some amazing people and taught some wonderful students. However, I'll leave the sad, mushy goodbye part for a later post.

On another note I was looking back over my photographs and I realised that there are so many places I went, and so many things that I saw, here in Japan that I didn't bother blogging about. The point of my beginning this blog was to document my travels and adventures and also of course the wonderful randomness of the country. I realise now that I left out a lot of what I did and this annoys me. I didn't feel the need to blog about everything I did and everywhere I went (and still don't, people who blog too often annoy me and I've deleted people before who post on every little thing) but some of the things I left out were pretty big and soon I won't be here anymore. I may or may not do a few travel logs just to include some of the other cities I've seen. So I have a question that probably no one is going to answer. Would travel logs be interesting to your eyes or a waste of internet? If people say yes I'll write them, if people say no I might just do it anyway but if anyone's interested I promise I will make them humorous and that reading them will qualify you for a free puppy!*

*Reading my travel logs will not get you a free puppy. I may however send some good karma your way.


  1. I'm in for the travelogues! If you write them, I'll read them! And if the puppy is a Japanese one, I'm totally in!

    1. Yay! Thanks Maz. Travelouges it is then. Ummm... Hows about a karma puppy. Good will, cheap to keep and easy to clean up after!

  2. ...then...a new chapter is going to open...welcome... a tune of pain has naturally started to ring to leave your kids behind...but it is obvious that the simple spirit what has evolved through the interaction between you and your children will continue to work as an inspiration in the later course of life of both of you and those little ones...so it is an ongoing process...you cann't abstain from telling that story...the framed space may be Japan or New Zealand...the story nevigates far away even unto the infinity...let the river be flown...please...


Thanks for the comment random human. I will put you on my list of people to rescue when the zombie apocalypse comes. Promise.

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