20 May 2012

Things you see with your eyes

My first weekend in Hiroshima was spent seeing the sights. With my eyes. And what pretty sights they were. Sidenote: I also spent a small fortune on street car tickets and got sun burned. However, I will not bore you with words and instead will let these photographs tell you the story of my weekend.

The Atomic Bomb Dome

The Goddess of Peace surrounded by thousands of paper cranes

This is made of hundreds of tiny paper cranes
The entrance to Hiroshima Castle
Hiroshima Castle in all its four storey glory

Shukkei-en Gardens

This video here at the end features many, many greedy, colourful koi who were fighting over pellets in the gardens. And a tortoise. The gardens were so tranquil I almost fell asleep in a pavillion. That, in a nut shell, was my weekend.


  1. Man, what's up with all your tortoise sightings?? I'm yet to see one! Jipped.

  2. Welcome to Hiroshima! My husband, two children and I are your neighbours to the east in Fukuyama. Hope that you are settling in well. If you ever are traveling to Fukuyama let us know. I am sure that we could always manage to find a bit of tatami for you to sleep on :) You can check out our family blog at dustinandlaura.blogspot.com

    1. Oh wow that's so generous of you! Thanks for the welcome I'm loving it here so far :-)


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