28 May 2012

Visual feast

Today while I was wandering through town with Ai, one of the AIEs from my schools, we passed a building on Namiki Dori near Parco that is due for refurbishment soon. While they are waiting to gut it and put something shiny and new in its stead artists from around Hiroshima have come down and installed pieces, grafittied on walls, vandalised toilets and generally just turned this otherwise lacklustre building into a free gallery of sorts. Almost every available space has been upgraded from blank wall to art and the central theme throughout is peace and memories. Here are a few of my favourites.

This tiny bakery front is less than a foot high. I want those tiny cakes...

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  1. LOL @ the toilet mannequin!

    Pretty cool art work!


Thanks for the comment random human. I will put you on my list of people to rescue when the zombie apocalypse comes. Promise.

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