15 June 2012

Gardens of colour

Yesterday, for lack of a more productive way to spend my day, I made my way to Hiroshima Botanical Gardens. (Click here for English website/info). It was an absolutely stunning day, perfect for strolling idly through gardens teeming with flowers of every size, shape, texture and colour.  The sights included a green house of prickly cactuses, display rooms filled with tropical water lillies, a mercifully cool house of colourful begonias, a traditional Japanese garden and an observation tower at the top of a low hill from which to look down on the gardens and out onto Hiroshima bay. And a lot more besides. Relaxing orchestral music was piped into the display rooms and out of speakers dotted around the gardens to make the day that bit more serene. I have never in my life taken so many photos of flowers. There was like 75 in my camera when I got home. Ridiculous. I couldn't help myself though the colours were amazing.

And finally. Try and tell me this guy wasn't the inspiration for the Pokemon Victreebel:

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