18 July 2012

Mitaki Temple

Situated on the side of Mitaki Mountain Mitaki Temple takes it's name from the three waterfalls that flow off the mountainside. The grounds of the temple twist up a short distance along the mountain and are scattered with jizo statues and decorative pools of water, each level being connected by old stone walkways. It is one of the most peacful and beautiful places I have ever set foot in.
After finishing the walk through the temple complex my friends and I drowned ourselves in insect repellent and hiked to the top of the mountain where there were some incredible views of the city. There we sat and admired Hiroshima from on high and I ate my kid's bento box version of a Happy Meal: my rice ball had a smiley face on it and I got a free magnetic dart board with it. That and the fact that I got away with only three mosquitos bites, despite the fact that they love my blood, made it a very successful day.

They worship some angry looking Gods

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