08 July 2012


Miyajima Island, in Hiroshima bay, is home to the famous floating torii (click the picture for more info) and the Itsukushima Shrine which is a UNESCO world heritage site. A 10 minute ferry journey from Miyajima-Guchi at the end of the Miyajima-Guchi streetcar line the island itself is considered sacred so trees are not allowed to be cut and there are is no hospital or graveyard as no one is allowed to be born or buried on the island. There is also an aquarium, which we did not visit, a cable car to the top of the mountain, which we did not take, and a museum, which we did not see. A productive day's sight seeing as you can tell. A more motivated person could certainly spend a full day on the island taking in all the sights and seeing all that there is to see.
Sika deer roam freely around the island and are so tame that they will approach you and try and eat your map or your sausage on a stick, basically whatever edible items you have in your hand. They are bloody relentless too. I had to give one the paper my sausage came in to get it to leave me alone. There are one or two written warnings posted on the island not to pet them as they are wild animals and these seem to be generally ignored by all visitors who scratch and stroke them and then wonder why their hands smell like a farm.

They also shelter in restaurant doors from the rain

This random plastic horse was also on the island for some reason.
He looks positively evil. Just look at that maniacal smile

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