28 September 2012

Interlude: Engrish

This installment of Engrish is sponsored by grammatically incorrect signs decorating the bathrooms of Japan and providing me with much amusement whilst sitting on the can.
Please return a hadle down after passing a toilet (I know what they were trying to say. It doesn't prevent the mental image that pops into my head upon reading it of someone trying to shit a toilet though.)
And not forgetting t-shirt slogans here are some recently acquired gems:
Knee high slop lightly salted
I can feel good wind of a feeling
Moany things happen unlooked for (This is so true. Moany things do happen unlooked for don't they?)
It goes to mountain? Yes
California sub standard beach break with a tendency to close out
And here's one I spotted on a piece of stationary belonging to one of my students:
A small bear lives down the road from your house
It featured the popular bear character Rilakkuma looking all cute and non-threatening but I still think that it's a slightly ominous statement coming from a stationary company.
Just look at those empty, soulless eyes and that semi-sexy pose. You just know he's watching
you through the windows of your house when you're getting changed (source)

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