19 September 2012

Rabbit Island

Recently I visited Okunoshima, otherwise known as Rabbit Island. Sounds adorable doesn't it? An island teeming with, nay, over run with cute little floppy eared bunnies. I use over run in the literal sense. They are feckin' everywhere. They congregate in gangs under ferns, they relax beneath chairs near the visitor centre, they laze around the entrance to the island hotel like fat, furry tourists. And if they smell food on you they bound up to you twitching with excitement as if you are long lost friends and are being dramatically reunited for the first time. Don't be fooled, they don't love you, they only want the rabbit pellets you have in your hand. Little bunny whores.

During the Second World War facilities on Okunoshima secretly tested poison gases and other such nasty chemicals to be used during battle. Bugs bunny and co were the unfortunate test subjects. After the war however those scientists that didn't die from the chemicals they were testing (and there were quite a few) set the rabbits free on the island where they then proceeded to do what rabbits are famous for doing. Eating carrots and reproducing. (Note: there probably weren't any carrots). So now there are many, many, many rabbits and several, creepy, abandoned (and potentially haunted) chemical testing buildings.
This will be the perfect setting for Lucy and I to film our upcoming zombie rabbit horror starring us, Liam Neeson,
Hugh Laurie, and a bunch of extras as zombie scientists. The position of zombie rabbit handler is still
open to those who are interested...
On a final note I have made it from the long list to the short list in the Blog Awards Ireland under the category of Best Lifestyle Blog. Woohoo! This "short list" is still a mile and half long and there are some truly stellar, well established blogs on it so I hold no grand aspirations of winning anything. I did get to update the badge in my sidebar (Look! Look at it!!!) and feel smug for several seconds when I found out so my ego is satisfied enough.

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