14 November 2012

Signs/Engrish Mash-up (The Health and Beauty Edition)

Over the last while I've come across some amusing Japanese English that falls into what I suppose would be a health and beauty category? i.e. on shampoos, beauty products, signs outside hairdressers. To be honest I could walk down to the ¥100 shop (which actually charges ¥105! Liars!) and come back with a folder full of photographs of English blurbs on Japanese beauty products that were blatantly copied and pasted from Google translate. (That's if I didn't get caught taking the forbidden photographs and booted out of the shop.) Bad grammar aside though they make sense and the message they are trying to convey is always obvious. I'm not here to spitefully mock bad grammar and it is also very helpful in some cases to have the English description there so I can figure out exactly what I'm buying. In some cases though it just makes me laugh. And then I put them on the internet.

Is a hair manicure a thing? The more I look at this the more it sounds
like something you could possibly find at home... Strange nonetheless

Introducing my new shampoo: Horse Fat. Now featuring real pieces of horse!

Sick of painting those pesky nails of yours? Remove them!
"We always never forget a replay a greeting and cleaning" : your guess is as good as mine

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