02 November 2012

Winter is coming

The temperature has finally started to drop here. I was actually cold today. Proper cold. I needed a cardigan and scarf and everything! Midday around here is still tolerable but the nights are getting nippy.
It's starting to feel more like home with every less degree!
Having spent the majority of my time here in either warm, hot or oh-my-God-get-me-out-of-these-clothes! temperature the fact that the weather has finally started to turn is taking me slightly be surprise. November's going to be another quiet month. I can feel it in my bones. Then again that might be the cold seeping through the paper thin walls of my shitty Leopalace apartment. So I decided back in October, to make sure I got out and about this month and made an attempt to do something good with my free time everyday, I would do a 30 day photo challenge i.e. take a photo of something from my life everyday for 30 days. Not having much originality of my own I stole this idea from several other bloggers I saw who did this. I meant to post this two days ago and start snapping yesterday. I forgot. I blame the cold (and not, of course, my lethargy and laziness) but I will make up for it and take a picture of something to represent the day I forgot. I'll post them all when the month is up. Peace out.

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  1. I know what you mean by being taken by surprise! The cold snap got us up here in Tokyo at the very end of September. This week I'm lucky my face hasn't frozen off. Every day I keep re-living the future moment of buying and wearing earmuffs. They say winter has come a bit early this year!


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