28 January 2013

I Love Snow

We never really get snow in Ireland and when we do it melts pretty quickly and has the consistency of hard earth, not exactly ideal for snow angels and snow balls. I absolutely adore snow so when I woke up yesterday morning and poked my head out the door to get my towel off the line I was delighted to see the world had turned snow white over night. So much so that it didn't even bother me that my towel had turned into a crunchy, frozen rectangle. I skipped (read walked very carefully) merrily to the train snapping pictures on my iPod and after work I spent the walk back to the station pulling large balls of soft, fluffy snow off of garden walls and trees, throwing them high in the air and watching the smack on the ground. I heard a giggling behind me at one point and turned to see the English teacher from my school behind me laughing at my childish antics. What can I say? I'm a big child at heart and I really do love snow.

This one makes the snow look like bubbles in washing up liquid

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