12 January 2013

Interlude: Engrish

This episode of Engrish comprises a random collection of nonsense from various places. I will seriously never tire of seeing what bakeries are prepared to get permanently printed on to their windows.

Roll chicken cow?! Why do we not have this magical animal in Ireland?!

A beer company's description of their beer.

Bakeries never learn...

A trip to Takamatsu is a trip into the Matrix!

And unfortunately lacking pictures are these other fine examples of Engrish from round and about:

"Ride on fuckin' age" This was printed on  an elderly gentleman's shopping bag.
"So Gut" On a t-shirt. No clue.
"I will become a cool adult in these clothes" Another t-shirt offender. Yes young man you certainly will.
"I looks for clover" T-shirt.
"I love hug smiles"  T-shirt.
"Curious stiff" T-shirt again. This one I love though. Imagine being so curious your body becomes rigid and you find yourself unable to move. Hilarious.

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  1. I was reading the beer description and thought, hmm... Discovery and realization... that's really deep. Then I saw the "heartland means heart and land", and it lost its meaning.


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