12 March 2013

Signs #3

When I see odd signs and hilarious Engrish on my trips around the city a business proposal often comes to mind: I will become a travelling English merchant going door-to-door to business and companies selling grammar, punctuation and correct spelling from my magical carpet bag. Or I could be like a wonderful fairy-grammar mother who drops by to grant lexical wishes and restore a sense of normalcy to the signs and their English leaving a trail of glitter and confused Japanese people in my wake. But then I think, why would I want to do that? They're hilariously perfect just the way they are. No point messing with a good thing.

I want to live here just so I can give this address to people

Thanks dude but I'd rather not be your anything

A restaurant in Kobe. Is it still politically incorrect if the majority of people can't understand it?

Popular boyband Arashi dressed as pieces of popcorn. There are just. no. words...

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  1. Its like photo journalism, thanks for presenting photographs of posters, signboards etc. One thing, may you please tell something on japanese haiku,are they in use now?


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