21 November 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge

A while back I blogged that I would do a 30 day drawing challenge. It was an ambitious endeavour, I knew that when I began, and I fully admitted that I wouldn't get it done in 30 days. After counting it seems I finished it in 40 days (which ain't so bad) but this is also partly due to my squeezing in 3 or 4 drawings on the last day. I learned that I don't enjoy drawing so much when I have to do it to a time constraint and I rushed the last few just so I could be done with the thing. If you look carefully you may be even able to pinpoint the picture where I thought "feck this I'm sooo bored with this". On the one hand I wish I would have put the same effort into all of them but as my creativity and enthusiasm for the challenge waned I know I would have gone longer and longer between each drawing and it would have dragged out to 50 or 60 days thus defeating the point of a 30 day challenge. Anyway without further ado I present to you my totally inside-the-lines, midnight wine fuelled/morning post-cornflake doodles. Dun da da dun!! Click any picture to embiggen.

Day 1 Self portrait (my chin's not that big in real life, I swear)

Day 2 Favourite animal

Day 3 Favourite food (Japanese)

Day 4 Favourite place (Japan)

Day 5 Best friend (Dog is man's best friend so I went with that)

Day 6 Favourite book character
I have many favourite book characters, being a voracious reader, but I finally settled on these characters from Robin Hobb's awesome Farseer trilogy and Tawny Man trilogy and drew my own anime-ish inspired interpretation of them.

Day 7 Favourite word (It's just such a lovely sound. PILLOW!)

Day 8 Favourite animated character
Rei Ayanami from the manga and anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favourite animated character ever despite being an unreadable, sad character (or maybe because). She's also a clone and wears a kick-ass one piece whilst kicking ass.

Day 9 Favourite tv show (Community is hilarious. WATCH IT!)

Day 10 Favourite candy

Day 11 Turning point in your life

For those who don't recognise this it's the statue that sits in Eyre Square in Galway City, the city where I attended university. Galway was a big turning point for me. I made friends there that I will have for life and will always love that place no matter where I go.

Day 12 Most recent accomplishment (travelling)

Day 13 Comic

Day 14 Favourite fairy tale
The Children of Lir isn't so much a traditional fairy tale as an old Irish myth. I love the old Irish stories and this is one of my favourites.

Day 15 Family portrait (family's too big, this'll do)

Day 16 Inspiration (this theme annoyed me by being so damn vague)

Day 17 Favourite flower (cherry blossom)

Day 18 Doodle (I call this 'Birth of a Planet')

Day 19 Something new
This was another theme that annoyed me. Something new? I mean c'mon, what is that?! So I googled the words 'something new', saw some footprints in images for some reason and went with this.

Day 20 Something orange

Day 21 Something I want

Day 22 Something I miss (my friends. Can you tell I'm getting bored of it yet?)

Day 23 Something I need (food)

Day 24 A couple

Day 25 Scenery (I don't like drawing scenery so I cheekily skipped this one)

Day 26 Something I don't like (death to all aubergines!!)

Day 27 Something I love

Day 28 Anything you'd like (tried drawing a face, failed, drew this... thing)

Day 29 A place you want to go (oh the laziness of this picture)

Day 30 A congrats banner for finishing

Well although I didn't put the effort into this that I maybe should have I'm glad I did it because at least I got 3 or 4 halfway decent pictures out of it and drawing gives me great pleasure when I'm actually in the mood for it.

Click here to have a look at my previous 30 day challenge, my 30 day photo project. If anyone has any suggestions for any other 30 day challenges/projects that might suit a person of mildly creative and slightly lazy disposition I would appreciate the suggestions.


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  2. Great work! The poor sushi!! Hope you get that velociraptor some day and bring it home to everyone to show off to! Safe travels ;)

  3. ....a pleasent sailing down the river....turns...twists....surprises...discoveries...calmness....reaching an unoccupied fulfilment on the 25th day.....


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