08 October 2014

Dingle Food Festival 2014

This past weekend was Dingle's 8th annual food festival held over Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of October. It was the first time in a couple of years that I was able to go and being the absolute glutton that I am I was super excited to stuff my face with all the delightful culinary treats that were on offer. Ticket books were €22 and had 10 tickets in each. Most vendors took just 1 ticket in exchange for their food while some cheeky scuts were taking 2. This summer Dingle won the 'Irish Foodie Town of the Year 2014', a testament to the hard work and delicious fare of the local restaurants in my beautiful home-town, which made me extra excited to see what some restaurants were going to put on food-wise. I set off on the Saturday (which luckily stayed dry) with a small gang of friends and we wound our way around town with our ticket books munching and drinking to our hearts' content. Here's my photo diary (which would be much longer but I kept scoffing the food before I remembered to photograph it; oh the downsides of being a greedy piglet...)

The Charthouse's crab, goat's cheese and black pudding trio

Stopping for some presecco rehydration in Ashe's

Idá's cured mackerel ballotine, fennel tuile and gooseberry gel

Kennedy's butcher's venison sausage with blackberry mustard

Beer tasting in An Canteen

Delicious chocolates handmade by Anne-Marie in the Lantern Townhouse

The Little Cheese Shop's yummy melted cheese and pickle

BBQ kangaroo skewers from Finn McCool's surf shop

I bravely defeat and devour a ginger and lime cupcake from Little Miss Cupcake

And then of course we went drinking
On the Sunday my dad and I went back into town to do some sampling together and I got to photograph some of the places I went to the day before but forgot to document because I was too busy making a pig of myself. We visited a few vendors and then I scampered off home before the weather got too atrocious. A very enjoyable food filled weekend I must say.

Out of the Blue's salmon mousse pancake with a shark and gamba skewer

Murphy's pub. Pulled pork slider AND sticky toffee pudding for 1 ticket. Nom nom nom

Dad playing with his food. Stahp Dad...

The Skipper's paella served from Flaherty's pub

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