04 June 2015

It's-a me, Mario!

I made a Super Mario embroidery piece for a friend for his birthday. Which was waaay back in April. I only posted it to him last week so that should tell you how long something like this takes me. Or maybe how lazy I am...

This is probably one of my favourite pieces so far even if it did require a lot more time and patience than I had originally anticipated. I feel like I'm improving slightly, although there are some stitches in there I'm not entirely satisfied with, I like the way it came out over all.

Super Mario and mushroom embroidery
Can you hear the theme music playing in your head yet?

5 facts you may or may not know about Super Mario

1. Mario was originally a carpenter. The first game to feature Mario had him working construction on the building that Donkey Kong escaped to the top of. He was changed to a plumber when his new games began to focus on pipes and sewers. Good move, Nintendo.
2. Mario was named after the landlord for Nintendo's first American office, Mario Segale. The story goes that Nintendo's rent was late and Mario looked the other way letting them pay when they were able. As thanks they named the character after him.
3. The reason Mario has a moustache is because in the earliest versions of the game the limited amount of pixel space made it difficult to draw a mouth. He was also given a hat because it was too difficult to draw hair.
4. Wario's name, as well as being inverted from Mario, is close to the Japanese word warui which means 'bad'.
(source #1)
5. And my favourite one: a study carried out by getting a group of adults to play Mario 64 for half an hour every day for two months found that "video gaming causes increases in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic planning, as well as fine motor skills." Woo hoo!
(sauce # 2)

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