27 August 2012

Hiroshima Animation Festival

Recently I got a press pass to cover the opening day of the 2012 Hiroshima Animation Festival for gethirosima.com. The animation festival's English website is here.

Proof I'm not totally making that up

I spent around 7 hours watching animations sent in from people all over the world. There were 2,110 entries sent in from around the globe, 8 of which were Irish (but none of which made it to final selection unfortunately). Of the 2,110, 66 were chosen to be shown over the 5 days the animation took place and it was from these 66 that the winners were chosen. Held in Aster Plaza the festival was screened over three seperate theatres of varying sizes which played different animations throughout each day, including a screen dedicated to playing the best of Norwegian animation which was quite interesting. I also watched a beautiful stop-motion animation musical of The Ugly Duckling in Russian and the first day's entries for the big festival prize. It was my kinda day. Below is the video I voted for for the audience prize.

Julia Potts - Belly

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