28 August 2012

Interlude: Engrish

This episode of Engrish is brought to you by the Japanese t-shirt, a fashion staple and English student badly in need of some grammar lessons.
1) It's never mind sharing
2) Basterd, gimme shelter
3) Chirpy rush my fences
4) Let's advance without to having the will high, and giving it up please do not make the light of the mind manufacturing indefinetly
And number 5), the pièce de résistance and my personal favourite: Together, like dirt
It makes no sense and yet all the sense. You can't argue with this message because you can't understand it. Neither apparently did the man who wore it.
To be fair to the Japanese I have been informed that a lot of their clothes are imported from China. Where someone is clearly typing random words and sentences into Google translate and slapping the results across t-shirts. It makes for interesting reading while strolling down the shopping arcade I can tell you that much.

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