17 August 2012

Signs #2

As I've noted before (here) signs in Japan are pretty interesting. And by interesting I of course mean adorable and hilarious really. I cannot think of one pharmacy in Ireland that would not be slightly embarrassed to have a poster of a smiling poo advertising constipation medicine in their window, or ESB Ireland using a dungarees outfitted, flying electric fairy-baby to warn children of the dangers of touching electrical wires. It just wouldn't happen. People in Japan have no such qualms. And far more active imaginations than graphic designers back home (or perhaps easier access to hallucenogenics?)

Park here and feel the wrath of my GIANT hand!

A poster warning not to litter in the area. Why he has an orange for a head I
could not tell you

This one's fairly obvious. It's the slightly malevolent look in the pigeon's eyes
and karate chop pose that makes me giggle every time. "Feed me or I'll f*ck you up!!"

A warning in Nara how not to treat the deer. It makes me think of attack options when you're playing Pokemon on the Gameboy. "Deergong! Use knock down, take that old bitch out!"

Umm.. This is where the aliens come to walk their horned children

This poor little fella got his hand trapped but he's still smiling. What a trooper!

Last but not least this articulate gem. Mmmm love me some combustible baked goods... Yummy!

I hope you have enjoyed the latest installment of Signs. This is Ciara Long, your reporter of all things random in Japan signing off for now. You stay classy... internet.

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