10 August 2012

Plastic Food

So I'm back with some more awesome Japan facts that I've accumulated through careful and thorough research. By which I mean I saw them with my eyes. I promised 5 more so here they are.

1) They have glass cases outside a lot of restaurants with plastic recreations of the food served inside. There is a whole district in Tokyo that runs off of providing plastic reproductions of your dinner to restaurants all over the country.

I love finding ones where the glue has come unstuck and the food is sliding towards the floor

2) This is the opposite to a magic toilet:

It's called a Squatter. For obvious reasons

Most of my schools only have these kinds of toilets. The vast majority of train station toilets and public toilet stalls contain these little beauties too, although if you're lucky there will be one "Western style toilet". I wouldn't mind so much but my aim is terrible and there has been more than one occassion where I've peed on the floor/my shoe.

3) One of the wonderful items you can purchase from the zillions of vending machines throughout the country is cold coffee in a can (I love alliteration don't you?) I'm not a big coffee drinker so I don't know if this is something you can get back home? But I find it pretty amusing none the less, especially as one particular brand has this thirst-quenching name:

 Pungency: sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell, as if by a penetrating
power; biting; acrid.

None of your regular smelling coffees for me, I'll have something with a bit of... Pungency!!

4) There is a breed of raccoon dog here named tanuki. There are old legends and stories about these supposed shape-shifters and they are said to bring good luck. Which is why you will find statues of them everywhere especially in people's gardens.

Or staring wild eyed at the sky peeing into buckets outside bars

5) You can watch t.v. on your phone.

And so now you know another five wonderfully random, irrelevant facts about Japan I hope this useless information has enriched your day and your life. Peace out.

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