06 August 2012


Today I attended the Peace Memorial Service for the anniversary of the day the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. It was colourful, artistic, emotional and amazing. It began just before 8.15 a.m. which is the time the bomb hit the city. It was also so hot I almost fainted twice, and so sad it brought me to tears quite a few times, but we won't mention that part (except to the internet where everyone can read about it).

Testimonies from survivors of the war. Heartbreaking

The Prime Minister is up there somewhere

This is when they let out 1000 doves for peace. They looked like pigeons from a distance. I was a little disappointed

Free paper cranes from a lovely old lady in the Peace Park

A cat-badger for peace

We were asked to write/draw "something you don't want to lose". My friend's response to
this was "I don't want to lose my face to a ravenous monkey". I think she captured it
quite well

The "peanut" where we placed our wishes for things we didn't want to lose. This shape represented
the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima

Here's a few lanterns that have gone on fire. A rescue boat came and put them out.

Finally, here's another really poor video I made; this time it's of the lanterns in the river:

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