01 December 2012

30 Day Photo Project

Here are the results of my 30 day photo project in which I attempted to photograph something from my day everyday for 30 days. November was a quiet month but I still found a few interesting(-ish) things to do and photograph. Click on a picture to embiggen.

November 1st: Took an... interesting trip to a Japanese doctor's office
November 2nd: Met my friend Darren for wine and all the chips

A floral arrangement from the 2012 National Culture Day autumn festival in Hiroshima Botanical Gardens
November 3rd: National Culture Day. I went to the Botanical Gardens where they
had a mini-Autumn festival

November 4th: One of my teachers who lives nearby took me on a bicycle
tour of my neighbourhood
November 5th: Weather was miserable, spent most of the day playing Pokemon online.
I am now the Pokemon champion (33 hours well spent I say)
November 6th: Taught my private student how to express emotion and opinion through
words and badly drawn smiley faces
November 7th: Taught 5th graders at a new school. Sneaky picture of the staff
November 8th: Nothing to do so I cycled to the seaside. All the fishermen looked quite
surprised to see me. Even the the ones who had taken a quick break from fishing to
go and pee in the trees opposite the road
November 9th: Went to the Kyogen
November 10th: Was invited to a school festival for one of my teachers'
son's school. Acquired much festival treasure
November 11th: Went to a One Piece themed bar downtown. I was overly
excited as you may be able to tell from the photo
November 12th: Had language exchange with my friend Ai. She gave me an orange and
I inflicted my bad Japanese on her. Probably not the fairest of trades
November 13th: Did sweet feck all today. Here is a picture of my beanbag where I
parked my butt and spent most of the day watching shows
November 14th: Making dinner I noticed my chopped mushroom looked like little
mushroom moustaches
November 15th: Waited at the Hiroshima learner driver centre for a taxi to take
me to a private business English class way up in the hills. The statue is part car
part lady. This is probably what Transformer porn looks like
November 16th: Had nothing to do so I went lurking around the graveyard
next door to my house
November 17th: Met Darren and went to this interesting bar. The owner gave us
free jasmine tea and donuts for some wonderful, unknown reason
November 18th: After the gym my two friends and I passed an art exhibition
in an old bank that one of my other friends is involved in. This is a really
terrible picture. You can't see the wire peanut at all behind the curtain
November 19th: Got into school and one of my students had a bag of presents for me.
Delighted! Then got home and there was a ¥500 voucher after arriving in the post.
Dear diary... Jackpot
November 20th: Another day of doing nothing except sitting on my arse and
vegetating. To represent said vegetation here is a photo of my teddy,
kindle and bed
November 21st: More presents from a different student in a different school.
Must be doing something right. Should I use this to my advantage and create
a tiny, powerful army of elementary school kids?
November 22nd: The sake section at my local shop. I went for wine in the end
since I prefer my alcohol to taste less like feet and more like tasty goodness
November 23rd: Another lazy day of vegetation under the judgmental eyes of
SpongeBob Squarepants. You live in a pineapple you ass, take your judgement
Kouyou at Hiroshima's Mitaki Temple
November 24th: Cycled to Mitaki Temple to see kouyou
Jellyfish at Miyajima's aquarium in Hiroshima
November 25th: Went to Miyajima Aquarium to see the fishies
November 26th: Taught a different private student how to say "I can..."
Was given a Pokemon toy by her mother for my efforts
November 27th: Spotted this on the way to my Japanese class. Must go Christmas
November 28th: Went food shopping. Yawn...
November 29th: I ate a delicious bento by the Atomic Bomb Dome watched
by 5 hungry cats (I cheated here, this is 2 photos put together)
November 30th: Met Darren for delicious payday curry. Got a cupcake afterwards in Mister
Donut and this was on the side of the bag. Seemed apt. Thanks you beautiful people who took
the time to read this post, and thank you to Mister Donut for the compliment encouraging
me to return and stuff my face with their tasty, calorific pastries. Yum!


  1. Wow a One Piece themed bar! Where is this!?

    1. In Hiroshima city centre. It was pretty cool! It may have closed down since though I feel like I heard that somewhere recently

  2. Oh thats too bad! I would have liked to have tried it next time I'm in Hiroshima!


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