29 November 2012


A combination of 'dream' and 'illumination' it's a sparkly Christmas light show that runs for a month every year over the holidays on Hiroshima's Peace Boulevard. My thoughts upon seeing it were less along the lines of "This beautiful Christmas light show sure is captivating and really conveys the magical essence and festive feeling that only Christmas time can bring" and more akin to "ERMERGOD! Look at the shiny, flashy lights! I want to go to there..." Which I suppose goes to show that it at least has the ability to bring out the child in all of us (although my inner child is closer to the surface than most and seems to slowly be usurping power from the semi-responsible adult at the wheels of my brain, probably by distracting her with cakes and shiny objects). Enjoy these bright and colourful pictures while I try and regain some semblance of the maturity that I lost gallivanting around Dreamination.

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