25 November 2012

Jelly Fish and Monkeys

This afternoon I ventured to Miyajima Aquarium on Miyajima Island. My friend and I fought our way through crowds of tour groups, masses of families, squawking children and buggies to catch glimpses of fish, both tropical and native to Japan, crustaceans, beluga whales, seals, penguins, turtles, an octopus and an otter.

Camera shy octopus

On the way back to the ferry to the mainland we came across a man with a performing monkey on a rope. I freakin' love monkeys so I had to stop and look at its act for a while. It was so adorable I had visions of running on stage snatching it up and making a dash for the boat. I would've let it live in the storage space under my bed and fed it bananas and nuts and dressed it in little hats and jumpers. Seeing it perform kind of made me sad though. If it had been a performing cow I wouldn't have cared but they're like little people aren't they? I felt sorry for it. Sorry and entertained.

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  1. I fought similar crowds at the aquarium here in Tokyo lol. How cool are the jellyfish?!


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