29 March 2013

Neko Cafe

I have been crazy busy lately moving out, cleaning my (ex-)apartment, filling out paperwork, organising my trip and all sorts of other little niggly bits and pieces that I haven't really had time to jot down any of my adventures here. The fact that my life has been boring and slightly frazzling lately also means that I've had nothing interesting to write about as I'm pretty sure nobody would care to hear how long it takes to empty a small Leopalace apartment of one's possessions, how frustrating it is trying to pack all your stuff in one suitcase still leaving room for your stuffed bear because you are just too immature to leave it behind or how long I spent procrastinating on imgur.com trying to avoid doing any of this. Today I am officially moved out and sleeping on my friend's fold out couch that presses into my spine in such a way that last night my legs went dead and I almost fell on my ass on the way to the bathroom. Classy lady.

Whining aside I had a really lovely day today when my friend Kanade and I went to a neko cafe (cat cafe) in Yokogawa here in Hiroshima. I was at a cat cafe once before so I sort of knew what to expect second time around. Cats. That's what I expected and I was certainly correct. This one had a fantastic jungle-gym type area encased in glass along one wall that led to the front window of the cafe where the cats could chill out or play. Most were asleep when we arrived but some were strolling around like f*cking kings allowing some of their human subjects to pet them briefly before disappearing inside the cat beds. They were all beautiful pure breds and Kanade took a shine to the Norwegian Long Haired cat that looked like a tiny, majestic lion and who seemed to like the smell of my jacket because he used it as a pillow for most of our visit. Enough talk! Pictures!

There's a little, lazy lion lying on my coat. Say that fast 20 times

Afterwards we got burgers from a well known burger joint called God Burger who clearly have a pretty high opinion of their burgers. Mine was called a delicious burger. It lived up to its name. We ate them by the river and looked at the cherry blossoms.

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  1. That's the problem with cat cafes, cats like to sleep! Still they are always fun. There's a little one near us and its always full of people


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