10 April 2013

Blogging on the Fly

After successfully packing my life from Japan into one large suitcase and then spending nearly two weeks travelling Japan with friends who came to visit me I am currently chilling in the departure lounge of Narita airport in Tokyo waiting for my flight to New Zealand. It feels like just a few short weeks ago my adventure began and I was lurking around the airport in London fighting boredom,  rescuing caterpillars and waiting for my flight onwards to Japan. Time definitely flies when you're having fun and although I'm super sad that it's come to an end I'm also so happy that it happened. I had a dream and I achieved it, I think that's pretty awesome sauce. I met some wonderful people, taught such brilliant students, made some amazing friends, saw some fantastic sights and have photos, memories and friendships that I will always treasure. Adventure part two begins soon. Stay tuned...

No matter where I go though I'll never forget my Irish roots. Potatoes!!


  1. All the best, wish your safe journey and well being.......

  2. So far there is no new post from New Zealand, you must be very busy there at the beginning. Still, how you are feeling there--- like to know, we all, who go through your posts, and what are those newly captured photographs---


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