23 April 2013

Update: Beginning life in Nelson

Hello all. I'm alive. I arrived in Nelson, New Zealand in one piece and stayed in a hostel for a week until my friend came to get me. At which point I was deliriously happy to see her having spent the week surrounded by young German backpackers who seemed to have no concept of how loud their speaking voices were. I'm living (read squatting) in a house that's on the market. It's a 7 bed house with a pool, basketball court and no furniture except our beds and one sofa. It's definitely the strangest living arrangement I've ever had. There's so much space that sometimes I just run from room to room for the fun of it. Tomorrow is my first night in a new job in a cocktail bar. I've never made cocktails before so it'll be interesting to see whether this works out or not. I haven't done anything particularly interesting yet so there's nothing really to report (and also our house has no internet so my only chance to use it is in the library in the city centre). Once we have internet up and running and we start taking trips around the country I'll be sure to start blogging again. Also I will have to change the name and address of the blog seeing as I'm not in Japan anymore. Suggestions?

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  1. Feeling very happy to know that you are well. You are going to join your new job or already have joined....congratulations...hope you will be acquainted with the job soon. Settle first. One thing, please don't remain completely silent until you start blogging on regular basis under a new title.


Thanks for the comment random human. I will put you on my list of people to rescue when the zombie apocalypse comes. Promise.

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