28 May 2013

New stuff and things

So I finally got around to changing my blog address and name and all that jazz. It's not a Japan blog any more so I couldn't really keep it as it was. The new name reflects the path I'm going to take with my blog. Random rambling represents whatever nonsense pops into my head when I sit down at the keyboard. I still have stuff to do on the design but what is there now will do for the time being until I have more time and better internet to work with. I wanted to write about my adventure in Kaikoura last week but I've already been in the library for nearly 5 hours and uploading pictures on their internet is painfully slow so unfortunately that will have to wait for another day. It's lunch time and I've never been one to deny myself food. Photographs and updates will follow in a few days. Toodles for now everybody.

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