14 May 2013

Sabae and Fukui

Today I will be doing travel log number... four? I haven't really done anything massively interesting here in New Zealand yet so instead I'll take a trip down memory lane to talk about some more places I visited in Japan. You know memory lane don't you? It's just up from memory avenue, past the corner of memory way. You know... down the memory district.

While living in Galway, Ireland I made friends with a lovely Japanese girl by the name of Yukari and during my summer holidays from school I got in touch and told her I'd love to come and visit her. Ten hours of train journeys later I arrived in Fukui city in Fukui prefecture to spend a wonderful weekend with her in her family home. Her parents spoke no English and were absolutely lovely people who spent the two days feeding me traditional Japanese food and ice cream and making me feel very welcome. Yukari for her part organised that we would have something to do everyday that I was there. And here's what we did:

We made our own paper

Here I am making my own postcards

We made eye glass key-rings using real machines used to make glasses

We attended an amazing 17 course traditional Japanese meal

We went to a lantern festival held in the ruins of an ancient fortified hillside town

I ate sea slug. And never intend to again...

We visited a famous temple. Here's Yukari looking pensive

We saw some fireworks
A busy but incredibly fun weekend. A big thank you to my friend for organising it all and making it a super fun and awesome two days.

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