22 July 2013


Believe it or not I read a lot of fashion blogs. This, you see, is because I’m terribly unfashionable and desperately hope that some of that good fashion sense will rub off on me or inspire me to dress better. I can’t say that it does, I still dress like a pissed off teenager half the time but I do enjoy looking at the pictures of pretty people in pretty clothes. The point I’m trying to get at is that I always see fashion bloggers blogging their wishlists. Theirs are obviously of clothes and accessories that they desire and where you can buy said items. I’m certainly no fashion blogger so I won’t be doing that but it has inspired me to make a wishlist of my own. This is what I wish for:

1. A hot air balloon. My commute to work would be more interesting and far more romantic.
2. A dinosaur. Seriously how cool would it be to have your own pet velociraptor? I’d call mine fluffy and let him sleep on the end of my bed.
3. An awesome job. Tending bar doesn’t exactly give me life satisfaction when I drag the bed covers over my smelly, aching body after my shift. It’s fun, it has its perks but imagine how much better it would be to be a... unicorn wrangler! Frolicking in the meadows all day with unicorns, collecting rainbows in jars, eating skittles from the magic sweetie fountain.
4. Style. As I mentioned above I’m not very stylish.
5. A smart phone. This is probably the only realistically achievable item on this list. I have $200 in tips saved. Just another $200 to go.
6. A monkey butler. An adorable little primate dressed in a tiny suit and serving me pieces of fruit for my amusment. I think if I ever got hold of such a pet my life would be pretty much complete. We could take long hot air balloon rides together and feed minced meat to my dinosaur.

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  1. They give tips in New Zealand?? Or is that just a bar thing?

    Love the list by the way haha


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