22 August 2016

Graffiti Alley

The graffiti in this city never ceases to amaze me.

On Sunday afternoon I wandered out to walk to the shops 15 minutes away from my house and accidentally strolled around Toronto for about 4 hours. A huge chunk of Bloor and Yonge streets were pedestrianised for the day and I had forgotten until I got down onto Bloor and saw all the people, dogs and cyclists merrily wandering the streets. So, I thought to myself, I'll just walk a little further and enjoy the freedom of the streets while they're vehicle free and the sun is shining.

10km later I had walked along Bloor, down Yonge, west on College to Spadina (where there was a Chinese street festival taking place) and I thought to myself, well, since I've made it this far I may as well take a trip to graffiti alley as I had yet to go. Naturally I brought no hat or sunscreen because who puts on sunscreen for a 15 minute trip to the shops? Sunburn is a recurring theme of my experience here.

The alley was filled with tons of different artists' work. The photos above were my best picks. Later that evening I also journeyed out to Toronto Islands to catch Young Galaxy play at Wavelength festival and get bitten by ants. Only one of those things was on my to do list. I chronicled my day's adventures on Snapchat (probably my favourite form of social media) so if we aren't already friends, friend me! And you can see more wonderful pictures of Toronto.

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