07 August 2016

Bruce Peninsula

Myself and two of the lads drove up to Bruce Peninsula last weekend for the long weekend. This picturesque peninsula juts out into Lake Huron, one of the great lakes, and we stayed in a little town on the lakeside called Tobermory for the night.
We were lucky enough to catch the sunrise on the Sunday before we drove up to the national park and it was truly stunning. We arrived at the national park at 7am and even at that hour there was a queue of cars waiting to get into the limited parking spots. We parked up the car and hiked through the park along the forest path and out onto the lake shore as far as we could go before turning back and going for a dip in the lake.

What appears to be a lovely tan here is in fact a filter. I can guarantee you I'm as pasty white as ever

After we had hiked through the park for a couple of hours and dried off after our swim we made our way back into the town of Tobermory and got a ferry out to Flowerpot Island which is named for the two tall stone stacks that formed on its coast. The ferry driver brought us into a little cove on the way out where there were two sunken ships which was very cool to look at but the sea was choppy so my pictures came out crap.

Apparently this looks like a flowerpot
On the island we did the loop trail and all told I'd say we walked about 15 - 20 kilometers that day. To make up for all that exercise I pretty much only ate cookies and chocolate walnuts because gods forbid I burn any calories. Took some video so could possibly be another crappy video to come if I ever get around to making it. Peace out

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