29 July 2016

Toronto food truck festival

Torontonians love their food trucks. They're hugely popular here much to my delight as food is one of my absolute favourite things. Eating good food is like consuming pure joy. The Toronto food truck festival is taking part across three different parts of the city on three separate weekends this summer and this weekend I caught it out at Woodbine Park. Being the exceptionally greedy person I am I stuffed my face with vegan curry, jalapeno and cheese flavoured chips (or fries to those of the Canadian persuasion) and a red velvet cupcake before waddling home and the temptation to catch the festival at each location is strong, let me tell you. As I write this it is four hours since I left the festival and I am still uncomfortably full.

Over the past year I have slowly been turning into a vegetarian. It sort of crept up on me. Damn you, conscience! First I started cutting out red meat, then cutting down on white meat and finally cutting out fish. I struggled to get the right amount of protein at first which left me absolutely fucking freezing during winter in Cork but I've now found a balance that I think is right for me. This balance includes giving myself one or two cheat days a month because, if I'm being perfectly honest, I still love meat so cutting it out entirely is not something I'm ready for just yet. My conscience decided today was not one of those cheat days though so I scoured the festival for meat free goodies.

Ah, dessert! One of the main food groups on Planet Ciara
One thing is for sure anyway: my addiction to sugar isn't going anywhere any time soon. 

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