25 July 2016


I went back out to the islands at the weekend with a friend to attend Figment, a small, interactive arts festival that was being held on Olympic Island. It was completely free and run by volunteer artists and there were different installations and crafts scattered across the island. We arrived pretty early, just as it was getting under way, so it was still relatively quiet but we meandered around the festival for about an hour taking it all in and taking part where we could.

Most installations you could interact with in some way and I truly believe there is nothing like an arts festival to bring out the kid in adults. My inner child is pretty close to the surface so as you can imagine I had a pretty great time running around banging on drums, drawing on things, making a hat, turning levers and generally just soaking up all the whimsy and bright colours. 

I too have a not so secret crush on nachos and salsa. And Justin Trudeau if I'm being honest

Figment also has a 'Leave No Trace' ethos which encourages people to avoid littering and take all their rubbish with them. They ask people to avoid creating MOOP (matter out of place) which, even though they're right and I totally agree with them, is an absolutely hilarious word. Say it a few times. Moop moop. Throw in a meep as well for the craic and you've got yourself a robot.

The two hats on the bottom right are myself and Laura's. Mine being the one that says "HAT" all over it
After we had had our fill of Figment we headed over to Bloor Street West between Landsdowne and Dufferin where there was a street festival. People were selling lots of goodies, handing out free samples, putting on shows, rapping global statistics about threatened animal species (as you do) and a lot more besides. 

Seeing as it was such an interactive day I decided to take some video, as you can never really get a good feel for a festival just from photos, and I compiled the videos into one little moving picture film. I am not a vlogger so don't judge me on the shitty quality (or do, it's not great). I'm also woeful at taking out my camera so it's not that long but since you're here why not take a peek. 

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