18 July 2016

Toronto Islands

I have ventured out to the islands twice now. Once alone and again yesterday with a friend. On the first day it was overcast and I still managed to get burned to a crisp. Yesterday was gorgeous so I plastered on the factor 50 and only managed to burn my scalp which, I suppose, was an improvement. I do, of course, have a sun hat which I very wisely left at home. Maybe some day I'll learn but yesterday was apparently not that day.

At the docks you can choose to take the ferry to one of three places: Ward's Island, Centre Island or Hanlan's Point. On both occasions I started at Ward's Island on the east and worked my way west. Ward's Island is where the bulk of the island residents live in their adorable little houses nestled in the trees.

Dream house. When I win the Euro Millions...

There are no roads between the houses, only paths, and no cars on the island. It is very peaceful and easy to forget you are only a 15 minute ferry from a city of 6 million. There is a lovely, quiet beach on this part of the island too. Perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and just kicking back and watching people sail merrily past on their yachts.

Featuring this wooden, dragon boat ... thingy

Onwards, Falkor!
From Wards Island we walked along the boardwalk toward Center Island which has a small petting zoo and funfair so naturally was teeming with families and their screaming offspring. It was relatively quiet the first day I was out there (the schools weren't out yet) so the photo below was from that glorious day when I had the pier all to my greedy self.

After strolling out along the pier we stopped for food in a restaurant on the lake shore where pretty much every member of staff was Irish. You can't go anywhere in Toronto without tripping over someone from the motherland. Then we continued onward and somewhere along the way we also came across a lighthouse which was mildly interesting.

Mildly interesting might be a bit generous
From the lighthouse we strolled onwards towards Hanlan's Point where the clothing optional beach is located. There are no photos from this part of the island not only because I wasn't about to go around snapping pictures of people in the nip (you pervert, what kind of person do you think I am?) but also because there was nothing else of note on that part of the island.

And there you have it. If we actually know each other then friend me on Snapchat to see more of my day to day adventures in Canada land. Until next time.

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