09 July 2016

Casa Loma

I visited Casa Loma one sunny day, North America's only castle. Built by a man named Henry Pellatt, who apparently had more money than sense, in 1914 it cost $3.5 million in old timey money. (That is $76 million in today's money, I Googled it.) It has 98 rooms covering 64,700 square feet thereby being large enough to conceivably house the population of Dingle. There would be fights over who gets the fanciest suites but they'd make it work I'm sure. He also had a garage full of cars, a stable full of horses, a wine cellar full of wine and unfortunately never got around to completing his bowling alley, swimming pool and gym. Within ten years all of his dollars were gone and he and his wife had to move out of his dream home.

Dear, how would you feel about me paying $10,000 for one set of doors?

Oh bother, my shipment of expensive Italian marble has gone lost at sea. Better order more.

How much coal do we need to heat the place for winter? I think 800 tons ought to do it

Don't suppose you've found any dollars down the back of the couch in any of our many living rooms?

Aaaand we're broke...
To be fair WW1 and the following depression had a big influence on his holdings and financial ruin. That and property tax. I'm sure it was a nice 10 years while it lasted. Were I in his position, sipping tea in the tower and throwing potatoes at the commoners, I know I would have enjoyed it immensely. But that's just me.

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