21 June 2016

The Hearn

The Hearn generating station is a huge, decommissioned electrical generating station in Toronto. Apparently the Statue of Liberty could fit in it standing up or on its side. Which is an unusual unit of measurement and also makes me wonder when the Canadians are intending to invade New York and kidnap their prized statue because with statements like that they are clearing plotting something. For the month of June there is an arts festival taking place in Toronto called Luminato. As part of the festival inside in the Hearn were all manner of weird and wonderful art installations (and you know I love weird) including the world's largest mirror ball.

7.9 meters high. Or .11 Statues of Liberty high in case you were wondering

There were far, far more pieces than what you see here but the photos are potato quality and not worth posting. Fear not, I have purchased a shiny, new camera that I will forget to ever take with me... or use... and you will probably continue to see mostly crappy phone pictures.

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