17 June 2016

Canada, eh

Hello, blog. It's been a while.

There are as many pixels in this photo are there are blades of grass on that car.
Apologies to your eyes

I basically abandoned blogging when I got home from New Zealand. I did try every now and again to get back into it but the motivation wasn't there. Neither, though, were the interesting things to blog about. But now I am here in the land of moose, mounties and maple syrup once again seeing the interesting things so I'll give this whole blogging malarky another go I suppose. So begins a new chapter of poorly written posts accompanied by pixelated photos (until I acquire a new camera) posted at seemingly random intervals with no coherence or consistency. Yay! 

Go friend me on Snapchat if we aren't already friends. I actually put stuff on it because it requires minimal effort.

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