12 August 2015

The Blasket Islands

Last Friday was an absolutely stunning day. In fact it was one of the few good days we've had in this absolute wash out of a summer. By a stroke of pure luck I had the day off so my brother and I decided to spend the day on the Great Blasket Island, a place we camped with the rest of our family many summers when we younger. So up we got, at the crack of dawn, and we drove out to Dun Chaoin to get the ferry out on to the island where we spent the afternoon climbing to the highest point and and walking around the whole island.

The Great Blasket Island was inhabited up until 1953 when it was forcefully evacuated by the government and the people of the Blaskets lived a harsh existence on the western edge of Ireland. It was a gaeltacht (Irish speaking) area and produced several noteworthy writers whose works were translated from Irish to English. The population never really grew beyond 150 and the sprawling, hillside village where the people lived is now mostly in ruins. The beautiful white sands of the beach, Trá Bán, is home to one of the biggest pods of seals in Ireland. As you stroll around the island you can see hares and rabbits bound across the old field barriers and if you're really lucky you may spot dolphins, whales and even sharks on the boat trip out. The photos honestly don't do it justice. It really is an absolutely magnificent patch of Ireland that is well worth visiting.

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